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Bryn Mawr Crew is up for.... something big! →



We’re in second place now, behind Grand Valley State.  We’re the only DIII crew in the finalists for this week- SO GO TO ROW2K AND VOTE FOR BRYN MAWR!



This has appeared on everyone’s facebook news feed. Might as well pass it on to the tumbling Mawrters as well.

The Bryn Mawr Crew team has been having an amazing season. To top off their first ever Knecht Cup gold medal, the win has earned them a crew of the week nomination by row2k (a big international rowing website).

Bryn Mawr has had it tough this year. Currently, there are no rowers to spare. Because attendance was down, only the 4-seater boat could go to the finals, despite the 8 having made it as well. One of the missing members this weekend was from the 4, so they had to put in a sub. The sub in question is still in rehab for a surgery she had four months prior. To say Bryn Mawr Crew was the underdog was putting it mildly.

But they came back strong and won gold. Now they’re nominated for this! So click the link and vote!

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